1.-General Information

This legal notice and information (hereinafter referred to as the “Legal Notice”) regulates the use of the website “” (hereinafter, the “Microsite”). We recommend that you read this Legal Notice before using the services on this site.

In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 (July 11), regarding the information society and electronic commerce services, the general information about this website is provided below:

  • Owner: Repsol S.A.
  • Address: C/Méndez Álvaro 44, 28045, Madrid
  • Contact Information:
  • Company Registry Data: Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Hoja nº M-65289, Folio 175, Tomo 3893, Libro 0, Sección 8ª.
  • CIF (Tax ID): A-78/374725

2.-General conditions for use of the Microsite

Access to the Microsite gives you the status of “User”, meaning you express acceptance without reservations of the Legal Notice that is published on the Microsite and, therefore, you accept the specific conditions for use of a particular service from the moment you access the website. Therefore, the User must read this Legal Notice and Conditions every time they access and use the services provided throughout this website as these may be amended.

In addition, the use of the Microsite is also subject to all notices, regulations of use and instructions made known to the User by Repsol as and when they substitute, complete and / or modify this Legal Notice.

For this purpose, a “User” is understood to be the person who accesses, browses, uses or participates in the services and activities, free or paid for, developed in the Microsite.

This Legal Notice regulates the access, browsing and use of the Microsite as well as the responsibilities arising from the use of any of its content such as text, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, databases, photos, music, video files, audio and / or images, databases, images, expressions and information as well as any other element or creation (“Content”).

Repsol may establish particular conditions that will apply to the use and/or employment of specific services with application of this Legal Notice being supplemental.

Repsol can modify this Legal Notice or the Particular Conditions that apply to a Service or content, which will be published by means of a notice on the Microsite. The changes do not apply retroactively and will take effect from the date of their publication. If you do not agree to the amended terms of a service, you must stop using this service. We recommend you check the Microsite Legal Notice periodically.

3.- Conditions for access and use of services.

  1. The access and use of the content on this Microsite, in principle, is free of charge and limited to the employees of any of the companies that make up the Repsol Group as well as trainees and staff of contractors providing services to any of them.
  2. The User guarantees that all the information provided on the registration forms included on this site is legal, real, accurate, truthful and updated. It is the sole responsibility of the user to immediately notify Repsol of any changes that may occur to the information provided.
  3. The User will not: introduce viruses, programs, macros or any sequence of characters with the aim of damaging or altering this website’s computer systems; hinder the access of other Users through massive consumption of resources; capture data included in the Microsite for advertising purposes; perform actions using the services included in this Microsite that can damage industrial and/or intellectual property rights, industrial secrets, contractual commitments, rights to honor, image and personal privacy of third parties; perform acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising.
  4. The use of the Microsite requires the user to register, being responsible for providing complete and truthful information when registering. The User will have a user name and password (login) and undertakes to make diligent use of them and keep them secret without allowing access of third parties who are not authorized by Repsol. Consequently, Users are responsible for the proper safekeeping of passwords and will not pass on or communicate them to third parties without prior consent from Repsol, either temporarily or permanently, nor will they allow use by third parties. In the event of third party access to passwords, theft or loss, the User agrees to immediately notify Repsol so that they can be blocked. Users will be responsible to Repsol for the use of access codes by any unauthorized third party until the aforementioned notification is made by the User.
  5. To register on Microsite:

The user can access the Microsite either via a link from the Safety and Environment channel on Repsolnet as long as the user has access to work in environments Repsol, or via the url For both access points it is necessary to enter the username and password that you have freely chosen, respecting the password security policy applicable to the Microsite, and completing the registration form truthfully.

During the registration process, the user must provide an email account that will serve as a communication channel with the user for all matters related to the Microsite. The User is recommended to  check their inbox regularly.

4.- Users

The use of the Microsite is free of charge for users.

The User agrees to use the Microsite and its services and content without contravening: the provisions of this Legal Notice and the conditions that complement, modify or replace it, current legislation, good faith, generally accepted use and public order. In addition, using the website for illegal or harmful purposes against Repsol or any third party, or which in any way, could damage or prevent the normal functioning of the Microsite are forbidden.

With regard to the Content which is included on the Microsite or provided by the User, the following is forbidden:

  • Its use for activities which are against the law, morals and public order or that breach the provisions of the regulations of the  Repsol Group’s regulatory body.
  • Transform, modify, manipulate, publicly display, or distribute the Content or make the Content available to third parties, specifically the downloadable content, unless you have the necessary authorisation from the legal owner or it is legally permitted to do so;
  • In any way download, reproduce, copy or use for purposes that are external to Repsol and away from the use that is specifically allowed and linked to it;
  • Any violation of the rights of Repsol or the legitimate owners of the Content. Its use for any commercial or advertising purposes or any other than those strictly allowed.
  • The assignment, transfer and / or sub-license to third parties.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to publish or communicate via the Microsite any content that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening and/or xenophobic, falsehoods, insults, and/or misrepresentations and, in general, any content that may be offensive and/or damage the image and/or which may breach the rights of Repsol or any of the companies in the Repsol Group or legal and/or natural third parties.

Any attempt to obtain the Content by any means other than those made available to the users or those regularly used on the internet, providing they do not cause any harm to the Repsol Microsite and/or Services  or Content.

5.- Microsite Mechanics

The Microsite will allow Users of the site to view different training and information resources which provide the keys to performing their work at Repsol without risk.

6.-User liability for damages

Use of the Microsite is under the sole responsibility of the user. Repsol will be expressly held harmless from damages and/or injury caused to the User or any third parties for the use that may be contrary to the provisions of this Legal Notice and the Particular Conditions which may apply to each case. This responsibility includes the use by the User or any third party of any password, or similar, assigned to access the Microsite, in this case, or any of its services.

Without limiting the foregoing, Repsol reserves the right to deny access to the Microsite, at any time and without prior warning, to those users who violate the conditions in this Legal Notice, or the particular Conditions that are applicable in each case.

In addition, Repsol reserves the right to delete without prior warning any content that may violate this Legal Notice.

7.-Unilateral modification

Repsol may unilaterally change, without notice and whenever it is appropriate, the structure and design of the MicroSite, as well as modify or delete the services, content and conditions  for access and/or use of MicroSite.


  1. Individuals or entities who want or intend to create a hyperlink from a web page to any page on the Repsol Microsite must submit to the following conditions:
  • Any “hyperlink” to the Repsol Microsite   will be made to its start page or, when appropriate, the main page as long as it is public..
  • No deep-links, or IMG or image links, or frames with the pages  from the Repsol Microsite will be established without the express prior authorisation from Repsol.
  • Reproduction, either in whole or in part, of any of the services or content of the Repsol Microsite is forbidden.
  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about the Repsol Microsite pages, its employees, or the services or contents of the Microsite will be included.
  • Except for the signs that are part of the “hyperlink”, the webpage where it is established will not contain any brand, trade name, business label, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinguishing marks belonging to Repsol without its permission .
  • Setting up a “hyperlink” does not imply the existence of relations between Repsol and the owner of the website or microsite from which it is made, nor recognition and acceptance of Repsol of the services and content offered on such a Microsite.
  • Repsol will not be responsible for the content or services made available to the public on the website or microsite from which the “hyperlink” is made, nor  for the information and statements included in them.
  • The web page on which the “hyperlink” is set up will not contain information that is illegal, or contrary to morality and generally accepted decency and public order, nor will it contain information or content that infringes the rights of third parties.
  1. The Repsol Microsite may provide Users with connections and links to other web sites which are managed and controlled by third parties. The sole function of these links is to facilitate internet searches for information, content and services for the User. These links are in no case to be considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit them. Repsol does not sell, manage, or previously control, nor own the content, services, information and statements available on such websites.

Repsol does not accept any type of responsibility, not even indirectly or as subsidiary, for any damages of any kind arising from access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions , statements, products or services which are offered or exist on websites that are not managed by Repsol and which are accessible via the  Repsol Microsite.

In addition, Users must access and use the information and content incorporated in such referenced web pages applying the corresponding Legal Notices and the applicable particular Conditions.

9.Protection of personal data – Repsol Privacy Policy

Repsol may collect the personal data of Users when they register for the Microsite. Aggregate information will be used to obtain general and anonymous statistics to analyze compliance with safety policies and norms through training and/or dissemination of the 10 Basic Safety Rules.

In accordance with personal data protection regulations, you are hereby informed that registration for, access to, and participation in the Microsite is voluntary.

You must register as a User to use the Microsite. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory. If they are not filled in, you will not be able to register for the Microsite or access the specific service offered therein, where applicable.

In accordance with Spanish personal data protection regulations, we provide basic information about how we will process the personal data you provide when you register for the 10 Basic Safety Rules Microsite.

  • Controller: REPSOL S.A., with registered address at Calle Méndez Álvaro 44, 28045, Madrid, Spain
  • Data to be processed: Data provided by users upon registration.
  • Purpose: Facilitate access to the 10 Basic Safety Rules, and dissemination and/or training based on the aggregate information used to produce statistics regarding the 10 Basic Safety Rules.
  • Legitimate basis for processing: Your registration request.
  • Data recipients: Those required by Law and service providers in their role as data processors.
  • Rights of the data subject: Access, rectification, objection, erasure, restriction of processing, and portability, as well as the right to withdraw consent. You can find out more about your rights in the expanded information, which is available in the Privacy Policy on You can exercise these rights by
    writing to the registered address of the data Controller, or by sending an email to
    You may also lodge a complaint with the control authority at any point.
  • Duration of processing: Your data will continue to be processed for as long as you are a User of the 10 Basic Safety Rules platform.
  • Additional information: You can find out more about how we process your data in the Privacy Policy, which is available on

10.-Disclaimer of warranty and liability

Repsol gives no guarantee and assumes no liability, in any circumstances, for damages of any kind that may result from:

  • The lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the Microsite and/or its services or content.
  • The lack of usefulness, suitability or validity of the Microsite and/or its services or content to satisfy the needs, activities or specific results or expectations of users.
  • The existence of viruses, malicious or harmful programs in the content and/or services provided via the Microsite which may cause alterations to your computer system (software and hardware) or electronic documents and files stored by the user.
  • The reception, acquisition, storage, distribution or transmission by users of the contents and infringement of the rights of intellectual and industrial property, trademarks, honor, personal and family privacy, data protection, image, property or any rights of third parties as a  consequence of this.
  • The illicit, negligent, fraudulent use, use contrary to this Legal Notice or the particular Conditions applicable, use that is contrary to good faith, generally accepted use or public order of the Microsite, its services or content, by Users.
  • The lack of legality, quality, reliability, usefulness, updating and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to users on the Microsite and/or content.
  • Breach by third parties of their obligations or commitments in relation to the services provided to Users via the Microsite.
  • The opinions expressed by Users in forums, chat and comments that may be found in the different areas of the Microsite.
  • The knowledge which unauthorized third parties may have of the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that Users make of the Microsite and services and/ or content.


The microsite will be accessible to all users at any time, while in operation.

Without limiting the foregoing, Repsol reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the provisions of the Microsite service or any of the services and/or contents within it.

12.-Intellectual Property

All industrial and/or intellectual property rights on the Microsite, Content or Services of any type that appear in the Microsite are owned by Repsol, as authorized and legitimate owners, or  by third parties. It may not be construed that the use of or access to the Microsite and/or the Content and Services confers on the User any right other than the authorization for use that is strictly necessary for the correct use of the Microsite and Services. For any further use , it will be necessary to request prior authorization in writing to Repsol or its owner.

In addition, brands, logos, domain names which are included in the Microsite are subject to the applicable legislation of industrial and/or intellectual property, and their reproduction or use without prior written authorisation from their owner or Repsol is forbidden..

Any citation or reference to third party industrial and/or intellectual property rights, included in the Microsite and Content, involves an express recognition by Repsol of the third parties’ ownership of those industrial and intellectual property rights.  However, their inclusion or reference in the Microsite or Content does not imply that there is any right or responsibility by Repsol over them, as their inclusion and citation were duly authorised, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations. In all cases, the inclusion of a citation or reference to any brand or logo should not be considered as sponsorship or recommendation of these brand names by Repsol

The legitimacy of the intellectual and industrial rights which correspond to the contents provided by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of such third parties.

Notification.- :For the purpose of preserving any possible industrial and intellectual property rights, in the event that a User or third party considers that there has been an infringement of their legitimate rights, their own or of a third party, due to the introduction of a certain Content on the Microsite, they must report it to Repsol stating:

  • Personal details of the owner of the allegedly infringed rights. If the claim is presented by a third party other than the party concerned, they must state who they represent.
  • Specify the protected Contents whose rights are considered to be violated and its location on the Microsite.
  • Specify the Cause of the possible infringement of the Content indicated.
  • Accreditation, if possible, of the aforementioned rights of industrial or intellectual property.
  • Express statement in which the party making the notification of infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights of the Contents is acting in good faith.

Downloading the Contents – Repsol authorises the use of downloadable Content by users for internal use as a work tool as long as it is linked to the purpose for which the Services and Contents of the Repsol Microsite are offered.

It is strictly prohibited to use any of the downloadable Content for uses other than those expressly stated herein or, where appropriate, without the express authorisation of Repsol.

The downloading and use of the Content is the responsibility of the User. Downloading and usage of the Contents implies that the User agrees to comply with this Legal Notice and, where appropriate, the particular Conditions.

The file containing the Content shall be installed or downloaded to equipment authorised by Repsol and for use by authorised persons.


Repsol wants all people, regardless of disability, status or technological capacity, to be able to access the Microsite. To this end, it has taken various measures:

  • Programming of the site following the recommendations on Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2 of the W3C
  • Logical order of presentation of screen elements
  • Alternative text in images

 14.-Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The present General Conditions shall be governed by Spanish law.

Repsol and the user, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, are subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the User’s residence with regard to any matters which may arise or actions arising from the provision of the Microsite service and its  and Content and concerning the interpretation, application, performance or breach of what is established herein. In the event that the user resides outside of Spain, Repsol and the User, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid.